Goodbye Wiltshire Introducing!

STILL NOT ANNOUNCED by the BBC, but tonight will be the FINAL Marie and William introduced “Wiltshire Introducing”

I’m guessing, as it’s a 3 hour special, it will be a romp through the bast part of the last years – SO TUNE IN 7-10pm. Due tune in for an unplanned special guest appearance.

On the radio front, the Matthew Corbett Session will be also be seeing its last before it get’s a radical new name – But you’ll have to wait until TOMORROW for more info on that front… Be warned, the two are obviously linked! 

Matthew tonight will be playing a brand new and exclusive track from a band called LOVE YOU DEAD – I wouldn’t google them, there isn’t a website, twitter or facepage (just yet) though local’s will recognise the programmed drums and synths, I should imagine.

I’ve literally just received a text too, to confirm that Barney Goodall (On Deaf Ears) will be in session, talking to Matthew AND bring with him, his own Xmas song… This is excited as his last song was an epic indie-pop tune, so I’m expecting more of the same. 

IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, Chip bloody Daddy has his own Xmas show at The Vic in Swindon. Jamie has invited Doncaster “Soldier” MC and rapper DEVVO down to hang out. I’m expecting to see Ocelot favourite Bane “Drive By” Bullet in attendance, and if he isn’t…



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