BE IN A VIDEO – Help needed…

On Sunday 13th January, local resident and scene dude, Simon Goodman, will be filming a “fan video” that I have requested for a new Ben Marwood song, titled “Don’t Call It A Comeback”. I’m hoping it’s good enough for Ben to actually use it for his new album’s press campaign – we’ll let him be the judge of that!

Simon has a very specific idea in his head, and it requires people of all ages, dressed in their Sunday best, to come and sing along to Ben’s song at The Lamb in Devizes. 

Our video idea is inspired by Godley and Cream’s video, CRY, which you can see on that link… We’re going to attempt to update that technique using our modern Mac technology, making it slicker with with Simon’s creative licence. 

We need lot’s of different faces, lot’s of different ages, young to old – so if anyone out there want’s to be in the video, click “attend” on this here Facebook group.

We also require a MAKE UP ARTIST, for make up and stuff…… Please get in contact! 

You can see some of Simon’s handy work below…


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