Quick round up……

Again, sorry for few posts recently, but there isn’t a lot going on… I have announcements on shows, but for the time being – do check what I can shout about over >here<

VIDEO SHOOT – Yes we’re attempting to make a video for Ben Marwood, and his awesome new song “Don’t Call It A Come Back” – lifted from his new album, we’re going to have a wee bit of fun this Sunday, at The Lamb, in our Sunday best. Please come, get in on the video action and have some fun! >Facepage info<

FIRST SHOW OF THE YEAR – Friday 25th January, we have the wonderful BOB BOWLES. If you like blues, and haven’t had too much of it in Devizes recently, pop along to The Lamb, for this free entry show. Jamie Cullum says “Bob must be the best blues guitarist in the country”. Now I’m not one to argue, but has Jamie met our very own Jon Amor?

FANTASY INTRODUCES – Cheeky name, but Thursday represents our Wiltshire-wide music session – tune in and catch up on the local scene and gossip… 97fm,  7pm-9pm or online at Fantasyradio.co.uk.

WHITE KNUCKLE BRIDE – Having more balls, than your Wimbledon ball girl, the local classic rockers, have announced a HUGE show at The COrn Exchange on Friday 30th March – check out the gig page for more info >Facebook<

Got loads of great shows to announce, some festival warm up for big bands, and so seriously sick underground noize for you – keep checking back from time to time!

Oh, and if you’re a like time subscriber to the local scene… Adam Byard has returned from his South London adventure, and is looking for a new band to sing in………


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