Legendary genre defying band, come to town!

Possibly still new to many people, it may surprise you to know that legendary, double bass guitar equipped band, PALEHORSE have been kicking around for over a decade!

The now 5 piece, London based band, whose tags on >Bandcamp< include, metal noise dirge doom experimental low end powerviolence sludge, give you a vivid idea of the kind of noise a bunch of “noise shitting bass bastards” can create. Which believe it or not, is not intended to scare you, but inspire you to test your limits and try out a truly peerless, unique experience. 

On their 3rd album proper, and with various EP’s released, their line up features ex-Million Dead drummer Ben Dawson, who also plays in Frank Turner’s new hxc band Mongol Horde and other bands including, Mothlite, Queen of Swords and Armed Response Unit… PHEW – he’s a busy lad. 

You can check out the official >Facebook< page, and the above link to their band camp – personal favourite song being, Sun Starved Day (be patient) – Tickets are £5 squids. The band swing through Devizes on Friday 26th April, at The Bell By The Green – Expect beards and a lot of bass. 

This RADDDD poster has been designed by ex-Devizes resident, Ben Gage – now a successful free lance designer under the name TEMPLEWEED, you can check out his fantastic work there >>> BENGAGE.CO.UK – I didn’t realise he had done so much! 

Palehorse, Devizes
Palehorse, @ Bell By The Green, Devizes FRIDAY 26th April

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