Devizes Showcase – We Need New Bands…

Updates will be coming thick and fast over the new few weeks – I have a lot to get through, day by day…

Today I am requesting FRESH NEW BANDS to step forward and take part in the Devizes Festival Showcase. This years event finishes at the Corn Exchange on Friday 14th June – head lined downstairs by XII Boar – We have an upstairs head liner – which will be announced shortly.

The build up dates this year are, Fridays throughout May;

Friday 10th – Metal Night via Abe Juggins… 

Friday 17th – 

Friday 24th – 

Fridat 31st – Indie night – w/ NoFunClub >Facebook event page<

We are looking at 4 to 5 bands per night, for half hour sets. I have an in house drum kit to keep change overs quick, and kit share simple – We’re looking for a variety of bands, though preferably fresh new, inexperienced people or people who are local but haven’t played here before – Get in touch, we want to know about you – we want to give you the opportunity to play live! 

Level and ability isn’t an issue, drop us a line and we’ll give you the support you need, and the opportunity you crave. 


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