Crammer Fanzine #6 OUT NOW

News, Reviews, What’s On, Your Local Music Scene, Devizes’ Mean Streets? Other Stuff

That pretty much covers what’s going on in the 6th issue of local business, music and arts fanzine CRAMMER. This is a proper fanzine, existing completely outside of the internet, made with passion and dedicated time. Made in the traditional way of block printing / photocopying, which results in inky fingers. If you’re nostalgic for Melody Maker or NME circa 90’s and before, it’s a great read!

Also featured, Long Street Blues Club with Ian Hopkins, review of On Deaf Ears in Market Lavington, a tribute to the Jon Amor Blues Group – a great short story, based on real events from Barney Goodall titled called “Curbing The Violence” and more… 

The magazine costs £0.50p available from the nice ladies at Devizes Books, who you can follow on twitter @jodevizesbooks



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