First supports added to Devizes showcase…

BOOM and there goes the dynamite.

Abe Juggins has announce the first two local acts opening up at the DEVIZES SHOWCASE, and they will be, still-so-new-they-only-just-released-their-first-demo metal band ORCRYST (see below for said demo…) and a band who’ve been around for a while, but gone through so many ups and downs and changes, they’re practically a new band… ROADS TO NOWHERE. Knowing that’s how that stage is shaping up, is pretty sick. It’s going to be heavy!

With me in the main hall, I have announced Trowbridges finest, NATHAN DETROIT – who have had one of the best 12 months of any band, given their recent supports of Rat Attack, Gnarwolves and As We Sink! and delivering their first proper self titled EP. I also have the pleasure to confirm, after their incendiary performance at The Lamb last Friday, THE CITY LIGHTS will be all over this. It would be silly to miss out a band with such talent and performance ability. Already a hit on Fantasy radio, and following in the footsteps of Jon Amor and Bite The Buffalo, I’m tipping them for a fantastic next 12 months.

Tickets are £6 available from Devizes books from May the 1st, you can catch most of these bands in and around Devizes, so check them all out.


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