Cheap Arc Tan Gent tickets!

Arc Tan Gent is the UK’s newest and has frankly, the best boundary pushing line up known to man. This sort of bill was usually reserved for the All Tomorrow Parties shows, and look what happened there. 

Arc Tan Gent will have no such bother, because it’s bought to us by the same wonderful people who have given us 2000 Trees, which for me personally has beaten all UK festivals to the title of best, gazumping even the likes of Truck festival. Have some of that UK music scene. 

Like 2000 Trees, with in the next few years, Arc Tan Gent too will sell out before they even announce the head liners. It’s that sort of festival.

This début year they will deliver to us none other than 65daysofstatic, Fuck Button, Tall Ships and like a gazillion more, even a bunch who have graced a stage or two locally, including Thought Forms, Vessels and This Town Needs Guns. Oh, you might also notice that THAT FUCKING TANK are playing Devizes in July too… whilst being at this festival in August… 

You can buy tickets for this festival via me, by simply using this link…. >< which I receive £10 for per ticket – which I can split with you to buy beer at the festival. It’s simple. 



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