Sophomore gig cancelled / 6th form gig / live recordings…

Buggeration, but Alex Sears from Decade / Sophomore has unfortunately, had to cancel his appearance at The Lamb tomorrow night, due to an injury at work.

I was super looking forward to that show, but the silver lining is we now, no longer clash with the Devizes 6th Form gig at the Rugby Club on London Road. 

5 acts are performing the 6th Form gig, including Jamie Coupe, who was due to play 2 shows in one night. You can find out the full details on the official Facebook page >OVER HERE<.  OR this one… 

One little thing though – If you read an interview with Decade about how hard it is for a touring band, just to fill up their van, then you can point the finger at Alex, as I had always said to him, and intended to time the show prior to one of their tours, so they can make it financially more beneficial!

The offers still there dude, but perhaps next time, I’ll wait for you to ask rather than nag you into playing 😉 


Local scene newbie, Gareth Nicholas, has been to a few shows now and recorded them. I’ve heard the results of the last gig, She Makes War + Josie Ghost, and to say they are incredible is an understatement. They will be put up soon for your aural dissection, but I promise you’ll be impressed!   


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