Somewhat Snakes, EP review…

This year I’ve gotten back into my Punk rock. Possibly due to the success of the, limited, amount of punk bands I’ve put on the past 12 months.

Only last week did Decade, Run From Robots and Rat Attack all play RadStock fest (which is not actually in Radstock, but a Rad Stock, as in Woodstock, festival) All 3 bands have played Devizes in the past 12 months – I do pick em’.

ANYWAY, when these sorts of bands have played in the past, it’s always been a toss up of supports, either too heavy with those hardcore metal bands, or too pop-punk. We’ve really lacked, in my opinion, some proper balls out punk rock.

Well that has changed. 

SOMEWHAT SNAKES, from Chippenham are just that – a fully fledged balls out rock and roll punk band, who have just released a 4 track demo / EP / release, via their BANDCAMP

It’s flippin’ brilliant. If you’re a fan of The Bronx, or The Computers or Blowgoat etc, then these guys really nail it across the 4 tracks. The urgency in the opening riff of Taste The Top really sets out their stall and what they’re about – fun, fast, punk rock. 

Their guitarist Jez Oehley is also the bassist in Chippenham metal band, Acts Of Brutality, and it shows in Somewhat Snakes music, although in my opinion, this is their weakest element – a couple of times they veer off into that, trying-to-sound-evil, trait that metal bands do, to sound, you know – badass. Or whatever. 

If they keep up the fun with their next release, and less of the, I Hate My Dad element, then it’s something to get excited about – I am looking forward to watching them live – Shit I can see this being off the wall, throwing them selves around, circle pitting’ – it’s that good. 

Demo cover art


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