Little Leagues new EP

Eeeek, one of my favourite bands to come to town, LITTLE LEAGUES came  over from Falmouth and played with Sailors last year and brought a trumpet player with them – they were rad. 

Last time I checked in on them, they were playing the Eden Project opening for Vaccines (Wait! Another bunch to play The Lamb! – the front man, Justin Young did in 2006.) they had just put out their 2nd little self release, A Problem Solved, and were about to have a bit of a break.

A break they had, and now they’re back with 2 tracker, FALCO, which probably has no relation to Future Of The Left front man, with the same name. 

On this release we see an updated version of a stand alone song they had on their bandcamp, Versicolour. This time round it is a touch faster and certainly more confident. Well recorded and tight as hell, it’s perfect danceable indie pop, though it appears to lack the stand out trumpets in the chorus, but a more Miles Davis-esq free form in bridge… 

The lead track of the two, Falco, opens with a bass charge and trumpet blast bursting straight from the stalls like a race horse at the Grand National, with really passionate, almost spat out lyric “ba ba ba ba ba!” “I’ve got nothing left to give!” and “Where do we go form here?” 

They played with Tall Ships in Falmouth on the same tour Russian Blue (aka Sailors) played with Tall Ships in Bristol, so they’re keeping good company – I’d love to have them back at some point too. 



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