Antonio Lulic returns

Antonio Lulic, the part Peruvian part Welsh maestro, who slew the Lamb in the winter of 2012, is returning to his spot of triumph THIS Friday! 

Bringing his Baritone guitar with him, and some classic sing-a-longs (“…the booze hound is coming “UH-OH”!) and the occasional unexpected medley, Antonio is sure to be fantastic fun once again. <live at the Lamb below>

Entry is FREE all night, with the music kicking off at 9pm with tour support, Rhiannon Mair, who I understand is Antonio’s harpist (!) more significantly, it’s also another show for the excellent and new girl on the scene, Tamsin Whinton, who impressed at last months show with She Makes War and down the cellar bar at The Bear’s open mic night. Neat.  Be sure to go like her Facepage

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