Frank Turner for #1 + free live show

Right now there is the huge battle of, modest independent record label who dared to dream, fighting the commercial freight train and middle aged women pant wetter of, The Man – playing right out in the UK album charts. 

Xtra Miles FRANK TURNER AND THE SLEEPING SOULS are a mere 1 spot off the top of the album charts, directly behind Michael Buble. Frank is even kicking the arse off Will.I.Am, who also had an album out this week, apparently.

Fucking have some of that major label budget, buy-your-place on comedy guest panels and ex-manufactured pop band types. This even shits all over the album leak, last week.

The record buying public do still have the ability to gate crash what ever determines a sale these days, so if there is only one record you buy with you hard earned cash,  make sure it’s TAPE DECK HEART. You can pick up this immaculate, generational album from Amazon for £4.99, >HERE< only available until Sunday – and make sure Frank, Insists On The Impossible, and scores a massive one for the UK underground. 

>Mid-Week chart positions…<

If that wasn’t exciting enough, you can watch Frank Turner perform, free of charge, in the comfort of your own home TONIGHT, by simply subscribing to his Youtube channel – – where his show at London’s Forum will be streamed live. 

Join in the fun on Twitter with the hash tag #BurstTheBuble


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