NEW BAND: Ghosts As Alibis

GHOSTS AS ALIBIS are former, one time Devizes man, Ben Hooper and his Cardiff droogs.

Ben was one of the original Sheer promoters, having created our first local music fanzine SHEER VOLUME way back in 2005, and having managed to release the first CD proper for his band, Deaf Next Door.

The Cardiff based act, will be coming to Devizes as part of the Devizes Festival Showcase event, on Friday June 14th, supporting one of Ben’s own heroes, DAVE MCPHERSON (of that InMe fame…), a prospect that inspires them.

Having racked up supports to some of the finest UK band in the underground, including ROLO TOMASSI and BASTIONS, they have had an explosive start to their career and with the tag line… “Cardiff’s newest purveyors of avant-garde, post-hardcore, death-pop with a story to tell.” you get the immediate sense that they’re not going to go easy on his home début – check out their Soundcloud below for a quick insight as to what to expect.

After spending six months crafting a searing live set, Ghosts As Alibis are ready to unleash their sound onto the public – a chaotic cocktail of ocean-sized dreamscapes blended with riffs and rhythms without rules.

Taking influence from Deftones, Glassjaw, At The Drive In and the wintry post-metal of Cult of Luna and Bossk, the four-piece also embrace eerie electronica to create an immersive live experience.

‘Tarantulas’ the frenetic first single from their forthcoming EP ‘The Fine Line Between Coincidence and Fate’ is available to stream here on Soundcloud.

Ghosts As Alibis’s avatar


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