Indie show Friday, the best swagger in town…

 We’ve had enough howling, popping and punking over the past few weeks, that perhaps it’s fair to give some pale and pasty young lads with ridiculous hair cuts the chance at impressing the grrls…  

This Friday, 24th May, will see the 4 finest, fresh new alt / indie bands in the area hit up, The Bell By The Green, and I predict that if the Assirati brothers, and their new band, BEYOND WONDERLAND bring their A game, they can claim the local scene for their own.   

How ever, should the even play within the slightest of their full ability, then Swindon’s THE RACKET will swagger and probably puke all over the party, with their proper cock n’ roll (video below).  

If that’s all a bit late 90’s for you, perhaps Westbury’s NoFunClub can quench your thirst for techy, math indie – and crazy song titles such as “Essex And The Only Ways” and “I Don’t Kill People, That Is My Least Favourite Thing To Do

I imagine you’ll have a belly full of indie by then and be wanting pudding. I can give you pudding if you like Eton Mess, and by Eton Mess I mean head fuck types, Babies Vs. Rabies? Who make a royal, arty, epic noise. 

This won’t end well, but be sure to be at coolest party in town. 

Friday 24th May @ The Bell By The Green,Devizes.
Doors 7.30pm
7.45 – 8.15 – Beyond Wonderland
8.30 – 9 – The Racket
9.15 – 9.45 – NoFunClub
10 – 10.30 – Babies vs. Rabies



bell poster


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