2 reasons why you should check out Devizes Festival. Part #1.

There are 2 mighty good reasons you should check out what Devizes Festival has to offer this year, here’s Part #1- the things you missed last year.

First up, Pokey Lafarge – Pokey and The South City Three, performed last year down the Merchants Suite. He played rag time blues and was the sort of event, if you took for face value you possibly wouldn’t give a second thought to – I know I did, until I dug a little deeper. 

Pokey had just come out of the studio, recording his third album “Chittlin’ Cookin’ Time in Cheatham County” with no other than White Stripes main man, Jack White. Pokey had previously toured America opening for Jack. I bought his 7″ single and screen printed poster and realised that without Devizes Festival, I wouldn’t of had my eyes opened to Rag Time Blues. 

Secondly, I also engineered for a band called Furnace Mountain, a southern American, folk / roots Americana act. Their tour manager who came with them on the UK tour was none other than Foo Fighters, (yes THAT Foo Fighters) tour manager Gus Brandt, who was with them for a few dates. Crazy huh? 

Here’s them covering Black Sabbath, because I thought you’d think that was cooler 😉


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