2 reasons why you should check out Devizes Festival. Part #2.

Part #2, of why you should check out Devizes Festival this year – What you don’t want to miss…

Each and ever event at the Festival is well thought out and I can hand on heart honestly say, unrivalled even compared to the likes of the excellent Frome Festival – this year is no exception and you should seriously consider checking out;

Sarah Savoy & the Fracadians Friday 7th @ Corn Exchange. Another American act, Sarah is now based in Paris, and makes extremely rousing CAJUN music. Dancable, sassy, rockabilly or forlorn Waltzes, it’s exactly the sort of thing I might pass over – Don’t be a fool billy and get involved!

Or perhaps how about Irelands next top act, The Henry Girls? Classic Irish folk, with a hint of Americana and a nod of bluegrass, this band actually Ireland’s biggest output of recent years, with a huge European and American profile, you’d be silly to ignore, even if it is a little radio 2… Don’t be a snog, check it out.


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