Poetry!?! Luke Wright

Well I’ll be blowed. I never thought, I’d think that an evening of poetry recital would be my thing. Don’t make the mistake I’m closed minded, I’m happy to be shown the light in any given circumstance, it’s just I never felt Poetry, would be one. 

Yet Luke Wright, back for his second performance in Devizes, like all good acts, made me look at my preconceptions and changed my opinion.

He is a poet, in fact he’s considered ‘The best young performance poet around’   The Observer – and ticks all the right boxes. He’s sold out Edinburgh Fringe events, written for TV, Film and Radio and is about to release his first book, aptly titled “Who Writes This Crap?” Apt, because it’s the kind of expression someone who might not like the concept of Poetry might say. 

You can judge for yourself below… 

If  you like what he had to say, found it funny or poignant, then pick up a ticket, and come to his show at Devizes, Corn Exchange on Wednesday 5th June. 



This performance is sponsored by LATCHWAYS, Devizes. 


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