Cure those Glastonbury woes.

I’ve read an awful lot today from the people NOT at Glastonbury, that it’s the worst thing ever not being there. So to help make up for the fact, the wonderful people at Terrascope and Sonic Sanctuary are producing a bespoke festival, right on our door step. 

Let me introduce to you WOOLF MUSIC. ><

Set in the plush venue and grounds of Cleeve House in Seend, this 2 day festival takes place at the height of summer on the 17th and 18th of August. 

Boundary pushing music, artistic poetry set out in an almost controlled chaos, with both programmed and impromptu sets being played out of the weekend, it’s said it’s going to be more like a house party, than a festival.  

I’ve been told there is going to be an awesome Coffee Bus at the event, along with all manner of catering and food, not to mention some international live music. 

Head over to the website for further in detail information and pick up tickets etc. 


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