The Stratton Stroll…

SHEER MUSIC are very proud to have been invited to curate a stage at the first ever STRATTON STROLL in Stratton St Margaret, Swindon on SATURDAY 13TH JULY.

The event, loosely similar to the likes of Swindon Shuffle, is a free for all event, where the pubs in Stratton each produce an evening of live music and the audience is free to roam from venue to venue, sampling all the gigs on offer. 

The whole event is the brain child of Swindon’s finest export of the past decade, SHAUN BUSWELL, who will significantly be showcasing his 12.12.12 Challenge. (Shaun created an entire Orchestra by meeting musicians solely on the London Underground.) >Check That Out Here<

Weather permitting, it’ll be a fantastic mid-summer event, with the line up I have on offer – perfect entertainment with a cider or 3 and Pimms for the lady. I enjoy Pimms. 

Sheer Music Stage @ The Wheatsheaf 

16:00 – 16:20 – Buswell & LUO (London Underground Orchestra) 
16:35 – 17.05 – Jamie Coupe + Ben Lythe (tbc)
17:20 – 17.50 -Jimmy Moore + Lamb
18.10 – 18.55 – Barney Goodall (Ocelotm/ On Deaf Ears)
19.15 – 20:00 – Who Cares?

Head over to Shaun’s official Stratton Stroll Facebook group >HERE< and get a bigger / better picture of what I’m going on about. More importantly, head out on the 13th and enjoy new surroundings, new music and guaranteed sunshine in a Beer Garden. 




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