Glastonboring TV highlights.

My God, my first experiences of Glasto was 1999′ – we had visually arresting acts such as Hole and Skunk Anansie who, whether you liked them off stage or not, were bloody exciting to read about and watch.

I watched Glastonbury this year on the red button expecting to see some rock and roll, some exciting shenanigans or the very least, some god damn fun.

Now, was it just me, or were you bored shitless too?

Wayyy too many radio fodder, dull, insipid, lacklustre performances. Some awful TV sound (which I guess was better live, believe it or not) + loads of acts going through the motions. Lovely people in interview, but golly – easy to ignore live.

Don’t get me wrong, there clearly was some really exciting music going down – but if you were a casual viewer, wanting to be inspired, then watching the BBC’s red button coverage was not it.

I mean the bloody XX to finish the second stage? What was that all about? Great band etc – but not festival closing, head liner material. Miles Kane was boring. I dislike Alt J anyway, and they did nothing to challenge that perception. Of Monsters And Men, who are a 1 song pony (in my opinion) etc

Thank fuck then for the THE STRYPES who gave it some welly and of course, our very own BITE THE BUFFALO

BITE THE BUFFALO are returning to Swindon in August, so we’re planning on a coash load from Devizes to head up – drop me a message if you want in.

2 thoughts on “Glastonboring TV highlights.

  1. I’m not a fan of The XX but their show was great live. Really atmospheric, amazing sound and it’s been a while since I’ve had bass loud enough to stop you breathing!

    1. As I said, TV sound was horrible – but the bass sounds a lot like Kasabian at Reading festival in 2005, never been so impressed with live bass sound! I’m glad you enjoyed the XX, but they were dire to watch in my opinion. I saw them with my wife at Audio in Brighton, around the time of the first record and they were great – I don’t know what happened since.

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