Discount / Cheap(er) ArcTanGent eticket’s

Hey guys, 

You’re probably aware of ArcTanGent festival? The first festival in the UK to dedicate its self to avant garde / challenging / leftfield music? Soooo mathy, even the festivals name is a big give away.  

Well basically it’s my wet dream of a line up, and frankly if you’re the sort of person who likes good, honest music and boundary pushing, envelope smashing ideas, then, well it doesn’t come better than this. 

Better still, I can offer everyone £10 off a ticket this year – going from £59 down to £49 by simply purchasing  from my own ticket link >> <<

We’ve recently had all manner of bands from the festival play this year, including Thought-Forms, Oxygen Thief and That Fucking Tank among others, AND I know how much this band mean to us locally, but Devil Sold His Soul are also playing. Neat. 

Every person who buys a ticket will redeem £10 off me at the festival, simple. If you want more info, drop me a line – kieranmoore at


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