Crammer is 1 + New website


Our inky fingers style, local arts, business and music fanzine CRAMMER is officially 1 this week, with the launch of Crammer 12!

What was originally planned as a bi-monthly rag, turned into a monthly one – It’s been excellent at delivering info about the various venues, nights and clubs in a language far cooler than this blog.


You can pick it up from Devizes Books for the usual price of £0.50p – which includes a free balloon stapled to the front cover.

Features this  month include the Street Festival and Carnival previews, which if we keep this weather up will be the best in recent memory. My review of Devizes Damp Session #1, a run down of what’s hot, the Wharf’s awards, and loads more. Always an excellent read and coffee table cool. 

WHAT’S MORE, is that I’ve purchased back the back, so we save a character in twitter and on posters and it’s easier for average Joe to remember. Professional looking email address will soon follow. (please note, I am aware of the display issues of the side bars, and am currently trying to figure out WordPress to correct it…) 

Remember to follow us all on Twitter: @Sheer_Music 

Thanks to all those who came last night to TAMSIN WHINTON‘s headline show. Apparently you could hear a pin drop for Luke De-Sciscio‘s set, such as he held them audiences attention – impressive stuff being able to shut Wiltshire folk up, well done lad. Corky endeared himself to the Lamb faithful, by dragging the audience upstairs as well. Seemed like an action packed night!

That is all for time being.

News on the grape vine for Sheer Music t-shirts and my first public speech event, more to come. 

As ever, take care + vote with you feet,




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