Orcryst change name and hit studio…

For the past 19 months the band name ORCRYST has been synonymous with the new generation of local metal – Sunday prompted the next stage of the band, as they announce the change of name and prepared themselves to hit the studio Monday morning, to record their first multi tracked, fully fledged EP.  

The new name will be TENDRIL – which in botany, relates to the specialised stems of wall / climbing plants. You can continue to look at the original Facebook page, which is >Here< for your convenience. The guys are recording with new-to-the-scene mobile recording engineer, Gareth Nicholas, which many will know since he has already recorded a lot of my live shows. These can be found on his Soundcloud (link at the bottom.)

The as yet untitled EP, will potentially feature 5 tracks and as many people know, lack any vocals. The band have financed this recording by winning the Devizes Festival Battle Of The Bands (Showcase) event back in June.

Since they’re suing so much of my gear for the recording process, I popped into the studio at lunch time to check in on the progress, and managed to get a few shots, on my terrible, Terrible, Blackberry phone…

Word is the band will wrap up tomorrow lunch time, before Gareth gets on with the final mixes before mastering. Details for listening will be due in due course!

Gareth WarehouseGareth looking mobile there…

Orcryst WarehouseThe band performing in silence, as we track the drums… 



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