Festivals, home recordings and general round up!

Sorry for the large gaps followed by a flux of posts, but I’ve been super crazy busy over the past few weeks. 


The inaugural “Folk Of Devizes” festival in Hillworth Park on 11th August was fantastic. There was stage time for a lot of budding local artists, including the young and impressive Archie Coomb. I took Archie back to my place after, and laid down his first demo’s. You can check those out on his soundcloud, below. 

Chris T-T stole the show though, with his AA Milne set, called Disobedience.  Needs to find decent pictures of this…

Next up after that was WOOLF MUSIC in Seend, on the 17th/18th. An avant garde, left field, acid folk festival – based around the Terrascope scene. If you’re properly into your local music then you’ll already be familiar with Thought-Forms. This festival was a co-pro between Phil “Terrascope” McMullen and Charlie “Sonic Sanctuary” Romaijn. 

I engineered their second stage, which was a lot of fun, working with singer-less acid folk, peppered with the occasional noise intrusion or lecture from significant writers from the scene, including a captivating read from Jeanette Leech, who has written a book about the whole Genre – check that out on Amazon

Highlights included French act, CHICALOYOH (I picked up a lovely maroon red 7″) and Melksham band TERRAPIN, who played with bugals and trumpets and maxed out on a space oddity type trip. Alas, I confess to of knowing practically none of the line up before the festival, little did that hold me back from loving every minute.

My two days was equal parts captivating and inspiring – I really hope there is a Woolf Music 2014, as there isn’t a festival like it in the UK, musically speaking, and this has led me to start reading WIRE magazine. 


Reading 2012 featured a band from Chippenham. I forget their name – but they never responded with any apparent interest, or at all, when offered shows to build on it. They played the  Festival Republic / Introducing Stage.

This year how ever, we have the massive, MASSIVE news that DECADE will be opening up the “Lock Up Stage” come Saturday lunch time at this years Reading Festival. 

The band who feature home grown lads, Dan Clarke and Connor Fathers will be ticking off one of their ambitions with this band by playing the festival. This comes after recently signing to Universal Records imprint, Spinefarm. 

To say I’m super happy and proud of them is an understatement. They thoroughly deserve the break and the reward after their near constant touring duties. Well done guys, hope you smash my home town a new one! 


Showcase, Battle Of The Bands – call it what you will – Winners TENDRILS were in the studio the past two days, as you saw from yesterdays blog post. The recording is now done. 5 tracks have been laid down – Now we just wait and see what Gareth can come up with. Excited to say the least. 


Golly, there’s hell of a lot going on. First up is Friday, and Benji Clements popular DAMP SESSIONS at The Lamb in Devizes. I am again engineering. The first (in Devizes) was huge – since then Benji has performed on TV at the Royal Albert Hall, so I expect this to be off the wall. Get down early, and book a space! >Facebook page + more info

Sunday see’s the ever impressive ABE JUGGINS, go international with the Swedish metal band, Beneath My Feat who will be playing The Bell By The Green. A show headlined by our own heroes HOMELAND. I hope they use their projectors again. Naturally, more info from >FACEBOOK<

Finally, Monday will see the best event in the Devizes calender, the Street Festival. It is always a joy to return from the UK’s best rock festival (Reading) and be greeted by this surreal spectacle. Previous performers have included the vegetable babies. The grannys on the mobility scooters. Those crazy unicyclers, and some French physical theatre. Hands down the most exciting cultural event in the whole of Wiltshire by far – Anyone care to suggest anything that comes close? 

So, sorry I’ve heaped it together, but it’s a bloody exciting time in Devizes right now, and we haven’t even got on to my #DEVIZESREVIVAL shows in the Autumn… 


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