Punk tour coming through Devizes





I’m literally having to pinch myself. Not because I’ve managed to pulled off another significantly cool tour to run through Devizes, but also at our placing between Southsea Fest & Old Blue Last. After one of the coolest UK festivals, and before one of the coolest venues in the country. Well done us. 

To be honest, if the shows weren’t well attended, or in fact any good – we would of all given up a long time ago. It goes without saying now, that if there’s a gig at The Lamb, it’s probably worth bothering with – This is no exception. There is a press release floating about, which you are welcome to forward to mates, or request from me – it has all the relevant links, and posters!

It’s because of all this recent activity that I’ve managed to bag another utterly amazing tour ready to roll into Devizes in December. If you’re a fan of underground punk music, you’re not going to want to miss this. Especially if you’ve been to any UK festival this year. So please go and join the Sheer Music Facebook group, to be the first to get the invite! 

Official announcement will be made on October 7th. 

How ever, it’s the CRAZY ARM tour that is exciting me now. In little over 2 weeks this 5 piece country folk punk act, will be hitting Devizes. It’s a show I’ve chased for a while now, having known it was coming up, and when you consider the other acts we’ve had from Xtra Mile, Devizes really is punching above it’s weight. Long may the uber cool, intimate, real shows continue.

 Crazy Arm play The Lamb, Devizes, Sunday 15th September 2013. Support from Calnes, Mick O’Toole and Swindon’s Jimmy Moore. Entry is FREE from 7pm. Bring your friends, and come hang out!

acoustic tour poster (small)Keeping excellent company too…


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