Last big gig of the year at Hillworth Park

Last minute reminder, people of Devizes that today is the last of the local music Sunday events, in Hillworth Park. 

Kicking off at the regular time of 2pm, today will feature recent Royal Albert Hall and Electric Proms performer, Benji Clements and his band, performing some Al Green style soul – Benji is probably king of our local scene right now. his reputation rightly proceeds him, so if you haven’t already checked him out – What’s taken you so long?

We finish this programme of shows with some “Blues With A Hint Of Rock” from hard working band, Shades Of Blue – a band familiar to most, they will deliver the perfect upbeat, fun end to the season – and given the excellent weather we’re having again, a brilliantly entertaining afternoon. 

Entry is free and you are actively encouraged to bring the family and a picnic and come hang out in the splendour of the park, I’ll see you there around 2!

The next music event in the park is the Proms In The Park  on Sunday 15th September, the day I bring the Crazy Arm tour to Devizes – We have such a great music scene in Devizes!

Hear a track Benji has worked on below, for an idea of what he sounds like!


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