NEW BAND: Helo-Fido

Only just yesterday did this drop into my inbox, and it was so good I had to share it – So let me introduce HELO-FIDO.

Featuring on time Lavington based drummer, Sam Blighe, he who used to drum in The Score, before heading off to the inevitable Bath/Bristol and further still relocating to the south coast. The band also feature our keenest, hardest working guitarist that I’m happy to call a friend, Joe Duxberry along with one of my favourite newest singer songwriters Rhys Coleman on drums. The band is finished off by Jack Twyman formally of Ninook on bass.

OK, so that’s the line up out of the way. I’m not sure where to say they’re based, as it’s all local, but spread out – their tag line is “Balls to the wall, fuzzy rock’n’roll” which is a great suggestion for a live performance. No live dates are yet in the can, but you bet your bottom dollar that when the times ready, we’ll see them in these parts. 

You can make your own decision below on their rock n’ roll credentials, with their début video below. It’s little over a minute and a half banger, and reminds me a lot of White Knuckle Bride. Not sure if that was what they were going for… 


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