6th form + college contacts required!


We’ve been doing shows in Devizes, Swindon and Bath for 9 years now (the 10th is approaching later this month!) and a large proportion of our success is down to street teamers, or 6th form / college contacts in the local area. 

I have the ace, Sam Higham from Tendril representing John Bentley 6th form in Calne, but I am still lacking contacts in St Augustine’s in Trowbridge, Oak in Melksham  and our own 6th form in Devizes. 

I welcome anyone who is willing to stick up a few posters, hand out a few flyers or promo CD’s and forward a few press release emails, it’s really very simple and not time consuming. More over, in return you get free entry to any show we do, any where – including lifts if out of town. Our undying appreciation, and fingers crossed – help develop our local scene, and improve the attendance at gigs.

Oh, and you’ll also gain some valuable scene points. We still count them right? 

I have some amazing shows coming up, and you’ll want to be involved! 

mail me at kieranmoore at hotmail.co.uk – Thanks x

Here’s an example of what we do… Do check out our Soundcloud for LOADS of further examples of our live gigs.


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