Antoniette unveil first song + updates

ANTONIETTE are a Wiltshire based metal-core band. A band who have been on our lips for what seems like an age, and are yet to deliver even a snifter of a live show. 

That has changed, as the band finally become a reality and drop their first song, “They Call Me Stringfellow” via their Youtube channel, today.

The song features the line “if you’re not with us, then you’re only in our way” which, in my opinion, is quite the statement of intent. Word has it, there is huge announcements for the band due over the coming weeks. If you’ve heard the rumours locally, then they’re probably true, so keep schtum. 

In other news, tickets for GNARWOLVES are doing well. We’ve shifted a bunch to a lot of Swindoners, so welcome aboard the good ship Devizes. Head over to the Facebook page, to ask questions on parking and shit, or just to say howdy.

THIS FRIDAY see’s ex-Tubelord dude, JOEY FOURR come to town, only not – because as I’m writing this, he has cancelled due to ill health. We wish the ball bag a speedy recovery. Do check out his tune, “Poor Liek Dad” via his band camp, anyway. I welcome any suggestions over openers or head liners. Please!

Many thanks to the girls who took my posters into Devizes 6th form, and to Caleb, Sam, Pat and Luke for their respective colleges – You guys are tip top. Please start grooming the next generation of street teamers now, and get them involved with the scene! 

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