The GAZ BROOKFIELD + Joe McCorriston UK tour swings into town this Friday, the line up how ever doesn’t stop there however, with “Hippo Song” and the best thing to come out of Westbury, Rhys Coleman in tow and the previously well received Welsh wonder, Ellen Cox too. 

So we thought, why stop there? A west country lad, turned underground hero, a Welsh woman, a northerner, the only thing missing? A Scotsman – So I’ve been *easily* coaxed into welcoming Mark McCabe onto the bill.

Those with a keen memory will remember Mark once performed on the Oxygen Thief tour, which came through town last year, welcome back Mark!

Entry is free, as usual, at The Lamb in Devizes from 8pm. Check out Thursdays Gazette for the obligatory preview, and possibly a better written attempt at the hard sell 😉  


Yes, the wonderful Rob Escott has knocked us up a Mail Chimp account, and now we’re on the gleam for your email address. Please join it, we promise not to spam. Sheer Music’s Mail Chip List. 

Coming up in the first email we have voice overs by some cool musicians, you’ll need to sign up to find out about that craic! 

gaz tour poster



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