Sheer Music’s first St Mary’s Church event.

I am delighted to be announcing that Shaun Buswell’s UNDERGROUND ORCHESTRA will be the first contemporary music event to be held in ST MARY’S CHURCH, Devizes on Saturday 1st March. 

Shaun will be giving a talk on the project before performing with between approximately 15 and 30 of the musicians he met on the London Underground throughout 2012. There will be the potential for Devizes area, classical musicians to be involved at this event and certainly a lot more involved in the future as Shuan develops new ideas.

Tickets will be on sale Monday 3rd February via WeGotTickets and available in Devizes books priced £10 each, or £25 for a family ticket (” adults and 2 under 18’s)

This will be a completely unique opportunity to see an orchestra live in a church, with the natural acoustics complimenting the sound and of course a great opportunity to start seeing what the future of St Mary’s is going to hold and the types of high quality cultural events we will see in Devizes all year round!

More information can be found on the 121212 challenge and St Mary’s websites respectively below.

 You can keep up to date with the event as it develops, with more information on which performers will be attending via the Facebook page here





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