Our first show in Bath for 6 years… JOHNNY FOREIGNER

I am SUPER HAPPY and proud to be relocating the Johnny Foreigner Moles show at the end of the month, and keeping it in Bath!

The good people of The Nest, literally a stones throw from the original venue, have allowed us to step in and take over their club for the evening, to host this uber cool indie run down. This is our first gig at The Nest, and our first in Bath since 2007, like aaaaaages ago. Please give us all a little luv’

Johnny Foreigner who are on tour promoting their 4th album “You Can Do Better” released via the excellent Alcopop!, winner of AIM’s Best Small Label award, earlier this month – to critical acclaim, will be in Bath on Sunday 30th March – less than 2 weeks away. 

Tickets are now £7 on the door. Due to the short lead time, we’re not doing advance tickets. Doors 7pm, and we have a strict curfew of 10.30pm, so it’ an early Sunday night finish. 

Support is still Radstewert and Oui Legionnaires – and I’m trying to slip DEAD ROYALTIES in there too, watch this space. 

We wish Moles a speedy recovery, and we’re sorry to be picking the corpse of their shows, but we didn’t want to see JoFo miss out (one of the unluckiest bands, EVRRRR)

“Some of the most exciting indie-pop sounds committed to record by a British band in a long while’ – Drowned in Sound


Of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a Umh… 

Songkick /Last.fm



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