Emperor Yes! come to Swindon.

The London based, almost twee indie-electro-poppers EMPEROR YES! hit up Swindon for the first time, as part of their tour to support début album, “An Island Called Earth” this Friday the 24th October.

Performing at The Victoria, they bringing to mind bands such as Super Furry Animals, MGMT and Passion Pit. The trio of drums, keys and guitar make a glorious mix of harmonious and saccharine  pop, enough to ruin your fillings.

Their first three singles, released on Tape Club, include The End Of The World, dubbed “A happy marching song about the apocalypse” which pretty much sums up what they’re about. I described it as, what a British band would do with Flaming Lips’s sound.

For those of you who, like me, love a bit of pretentious arty wank to go with it, you’ll be ticked pink to know the band held art exhibitions based on imagery from the videos to Cosmos and Wasps – you can see the video to latter below.

Having already notched up some coveted tour supports to Tim Wheeler (Ash), Emmy The Great and Tall Ships, the band have also been seen supporting bands like Brawlers and Whoanows before. If that doesn’t confirm you suspicions of their quality, nothing will.

The album was released through AIM Best Record Label winner, Alcopop! Records, on 2nd October, you can grab a copy from Awesome Distro. The band support Sam Green & The Midnight Heist this Friday at Swindon’s Victoria. Entry is £4 otd.

The sort of useless piece of info, that I get off on… Their member, Ash, does live sound for Three Trapped Tigers, and has produced ASH, Emmy The Great and Sparkadia – You can find more about him OVER HERE.



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