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JON GOMM returns to Wiltshire for the first time since last years performance at Avebury Rocks, to perform in the incredible surroundings of St Mary’s Church, Devizes. 

Jon’s leading guitar style includes tapping to recreate drum sounds and two handed approach to create difficult, unique and intricate textures, bass lines and melodies – all happening at the same time. To see it is to believe it, to hear it is to understand it. Jon is the leader in a field of one, no one else plays like this.

Performing on Saturday 21st March 2015, this is part of Jon’s mammoth UK tour, which see’s Devizes once again mixing it up with some of the biggest cities and best venues Great Britain has to offer. It is a real privilege Jon has agreed to perform for us.

Those with a sharp memory will remember Jon once performed at the Bear hotel in Devizes wayy back in 2011, as part of the Devizes Fringe Festival – The fringe has since hosted the likes of Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer and Miles Hunt to name but a few.

Since these shows, Jon has found him self in fine fettle, securing legendary status after praising the crowds at Download Festival this year (Read that over Here), did a workshop-tour of the Isle Of Man with Sheer favourite CHRIS T-T and racked up 7 million views of his excellent song, Passion Flower. Whoa. (you can see that video, below)

So I decided to totally ripped these quotes from the Avebury Rocks website, lazy I admit, but I won’t be able toto find any better.

“Wonderful to watch. Genius.” – Stephen Fry
“I love your work and style so much. You are very special” – Jon Anderson (Yes)
“Wonderful playing and singing” – David Crosby (Crosby, Stills and Nash)
“Hands down the most amazing guitarist I have ever seen!” – Tommy Lee (Motley Crue)

Work to convert St Mary’s into a fully functioning arts centre is still yet to start, but we’re continuing to use the venue in the manner we wish it’s future use to be secured for. You can keep up to date with all that on their website >

Be sure to snare you tickets well in advance, as we expect this show to sell well in the preceding months. Priced at £10 advance and £12 on the door (if available) you can pick them up from SeeTickets or WeGotTickets

Local support will be announced in the new year, keep you eyes peeled in all the usual places. 


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