Another Swindon show and another *short* UK tour, and it goes once again to UK underground punk heroes GNARWOLVES. 

They wanted to come back to Swindon’s Victoria, it makes sense. Last time they played they were heralded as heroes. Quite possibly due to the lack of touring bands Swindon now sees, despite my best efforts. Or perhaps because they are simply hot property and a ruddy ace live act. 

Their last show, a warm up to 2000 Trees Festival, was packed to the rafters. Impressive despite all my friends and half of Swindon either working or camping at Trees, so I’m predicting this show will be busier still. Not to mention their incredible Main Stage performance at Reading in 2014, which despite being the first band on, a notoriously difficult position to wake an audience up actually had circle pits going. And people said it wouldn’t work on such a large stage. Ha. 

So, their last show was something else, and has gone down as one of those you had to be at. People travelled far and wide to be here, this means a lot to a lot of people. 

Their début self titled album featured in many end of year lists in December,and rightly so. It delivered everything the 3 previous EP’s had built up, which they’re already working on new material. I’ve given them a 45 minute set, I really hope they can remember enough songs to fill it this time. 

Tickets available direct from venue, priced £7 advance. They will be £10 on the door. OR you can pick up from WeGotTickets

Check out this video to Smoking Kills. It’s got more skating in, natch.

All the rest of the links are on your right>>> under GIGS, to find out the supports etc Otherwise just stay signed up to this blog, and I’ll tell you.

HAPPY 2015. Bit of a slow start from me, but for the next 6 months, it’s all 100% pedal to the metal. Until I burst in July.

Oh, I mentioned a Hiatus didn’t I? Due to various commitments at Devizes Festival and my ongoing Devizes shows, I don’t feel I can do Swindon justice or put in the work that is required in my own free time (Hey ANY venue, I’m available as an in house promoter, call me, employ me I promise I’ll turn Swindon around.) something has to give, and unfortunately for Swindon I’ve decided that it is Swindon that I’m going to quit.


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