This weekend The Lamb serves up 2 wicked shows of varying degrees of acoustic music. First up is Post election Friday gig, with Laurie Cottingham’s BRIGHTR.

Laurie is also known to me as Gnarwolves tour manager. After 5 gigs with Gnarwolves, he finally plucked up the courage to ask me for an acoustic gig. Of course I couldn’t be more accommodating, since he’s one of the few TM’s I don’t mind dealing with.

BRIGHTR is without question, EMO. It’s all sweepy fringes and heartbreak. If you enjoyed Jonah Matranga last year, or bands like Tigers Jaw, you’ll love this! He’s also due to play at DeadPunk festival in Bristol and tour with Prawn / Hindsights. Cool. Check out the video directly below…

Support comes from Max Weedons young gun, DAVID SMITH. David pedals a type of hypnotic, ethereal acoustic in the vein of past Lamb acts, Henry Green and Andy Oliveri. His inclusion at BathFest and SW7 prove he has quality amongst his peers.

Opening the night will be recent débutante, JARID CLARK. You will remember Jarid from played Devizes about a month ago, and impressed. His loop pedal and piano were a cool variation on a sound. We couldn’t wait to get him back.

Entry is FREE from 8pm. Jarid will be on at 8.45.

OUR SECOND SHOW OF THE WEEKEND, falls on Saturday 9th to part two of the “So Beard Yet So Far” tour, which sees Swedish lo-fi pop maestro Last Box Of Sparklers, return with Swindon’s Shaun Buswell. This gig is being handled by Mr Mike Barham, who is standing in for me for the evening.

You will remember these two toured the UK last year, where Shaun was picking off random orchestral musicians to join him on stagte, in a completely blind experimentation with strangers and music? Well he’s doing it again – And if you, or anyone else you know fancies performing live, without having previously met your fellow musicians, then this is an absolute MUST for you. Please spread the word, and get in contact with Shaun HERE.




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