Kuntll Fix It Tour Poster







The effortless puerility of Basildon’s finest, KUNT & THE GANG returns to Devizes on Saturday September 19th at The Lamb in Devizes. 

His two previous efforts went down in Devizes folk lore. That would be because we’re so sheltered from such delinquency from our performers, expecting a much higher class of entertainment. 

Leave your judgements and moral compass at the door, because this show will only go one way. You’ll laugh, but you won’t like yourself for it.

Underneath the vernier of high school silliness, there is in fact some quite good messages. “Let’s Send Nan To Dignitas” is a prime example of a 3 minute pop song about assisted suicide. “That’s Why I’m Voting UKIP” a perfect example of why UKIP are so awful.

Obviously it’s aimed to offend and if you don’t want to read into it any deeper, it’s perfect toilet humour for a beer and a laugh. 

The best bit is that, when was booked for Edinburgh Fringe he managed to upset everyone for his use of advertising (look it up!). For that alone, I think he’s a hero. 


Facebook etc.

Doors 8pm.
9pm start. 
@ The Lamb, Devizes.


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