BOOM! Our first year went off in hilarious style. Two games in, unbeaten after drawing with Drowned In Sound and beating Banquet, our toughest test was PPL, after watching them out-muscle the rest of our group so far.

A pasting of 3:0 from them (remember this was within 8 minutes…) meant we went into our last two games knowing a win would see us through. It’s probably right to point out about now, that in an earlier game and encouraged by a few pints, Rob Escott decided it would be funny to jibe Rolo Tomassi for a foul, and then boo him when he got the ball. We all laughed in mutual comradeship, but the last laugh was on us as Rolo Tomassi absolutely PASTED us 5:1 and giving us a nervy final game.

My son pointed out the ref hadn’t actually been watching any of the games, hence why PPL’s game vs Drowned In Sound more resembled a Rugby match, and when it lasted about half an hour. Having to make up for lost time both the final fixtures in our group lasted about 4 minutes. Even so we managed to throw away a 1 nil lead to lose 2:1 and putting us on the edge of our seats as to whether we went though (Banquet’s story was a similar one of many conceded goals…)

Alas it was not to be, Banquet pipped us with only minus 5 goals to our minus 6, and went through to play Alcopop. The only team I really, really wanted to play. But it couldn’t happen to nicer lads, as they were a thoroughly lovely bunch. We took it in turns to take team pics, and wished them well.

As it goes, Rolo Tomassi were also thoroughly lovely guys and girls too, and topped our group. Only finally being beaten by the eventual winners, which I think technically makes them joint second!

I didn’t score and squandered two gilt edge chances & discovered I’m not as good as I once (or thought I) was. Dan Buckingham played better after 5 pints, and Chris kept a clean sheet at least once. Rob ruined his trainers and had to run to Sports Direct and back, leaving him too knackered to actually play football and resorted to Rugby instead. Luke played every minute, being the youngest and fittest, whilst Si scored all our goals.

We’ll be back stronger next year, I promise.


















After years of promising to actually play at the BSM 5 A Side tournament, we have finally managed to field a team, and this Sunday head down the M4 to try our ageing bodies against the might of the UK’s finest underground bands, venues, websites and agencies. 

Playing under the guise of “The Colour Of Sheer” to incorporate Rob Escott’s COLOUR OF VINYL blog & radio session(s) our team features original promoter Matt Adams, alongside Devizes Fanzine writer Chris Palmer and general scene bother-er Dan Buckingham in an all star team of pale indie kids.

The group draw was made yesterday, here’s how it shaped up… 

Group A

Devil PR
Amazing Grace
Believe Digital
Group B *
The Orchard
Heartbreak Therapy
Delta Sleep
Primary Talent

Group C

Yucatan Records
Guardian Music
Brace Yourself
Big Scary Monsters
Holy Roar

Group D

Count of Ten
Rolo Tomassi
The Colour of Sheer
Drowned In Sound 

The WEMBLEY POWER LEAGUES is situated next to Wembley Stadium, which is the closest any of us will get to playing there. My only other visit to our great nations home turf was watching Reading bow out in pathetic form to Swansea in a Championship play off final. Let’s hope we fare batter. 

Wish us luck… Follow @BSM5aside on twitter… 



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  1. This post amuses me, Kieran. Football, not comedy, right? You and Chris Palmer? Now where are my pom poms…….”2-4-6-8, go little bro and me other mate / 3-5-7-9, make it from the pub in time / Numbers big and numbers small / Don’t forget to kick the ball / Forgive me if I take the p*ss / But which one’s Rooney, you or Chris?….Go, The Colour of Sheer!”

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