Last years winner of the coveted album of the year award, B-SYDES will return to Devizes in March, when his UK tour stops in town once again.

You should all be familiar with Ben, since he’s done some great opening, support and finally headline slots at this venue. As such there is already an absolute buzz about this gig. Plans are afoot for people to travel from Cardiff and Swindon, others are hatching plans for after show parties too, not including all the awesome people who regularly come and make our gigs so great, this has everything set to be very special!

Ben will be touring to support the previously hinted album, Constant Fictions, which was released in 2015 on Aaaahh! Records

I’ve teased him to hell over this, but you can see a really old video here. This song was not on the album. 


Support for this show is super strong. We have long term friend, and irregular performer, Joe Edwards aka Grandma’s Joe. Inquisitively titled as he is Joe, who works with my children’s Grandma. We should all adopt this title!

Joe plays blues. He has an awesome steel guitar, which he bought to a sound check recently, and it sounds magnificent. Find out more on Grandma’s Joe on his Facepage.

Main billed support is the well toured, well oiled, well performed JAMIE R HAWKINS. Jamie hasn’t been to the Lamb for a while, not because we don’t rate him (we do!) but because we’re really busy, and so is he! Finding a gap, that didn’t encroach on another gig was tricky, but he’s finally back and is guaranteed to give a great performance.

Here’s a great example of what to expect.


As ever these gigs are FREE ENTRY. We always make it free where we can. If we can’t, it is usually because we’re punching well above the size of our towns weight!

Doors 8pm. 16+
@ The Lamb, Devizes.
Friday 18th March 2016.

8.45 – 9.15 – Grandma’s Joe
9.15 – 9.30 – Heartwork

9.30 – 10 – Jamie R Hawkins
10.15 – fin. – B-SYDES


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