Solemn Sun make their belated Swindon bow.









Back in 2009 Sheer Music hosted a now legendary show, featuring pre-Xtra Mile acts, Ben Marwood, Oxygen Thief and one Jim Lockey.

Jim went on to form a band around himself, calling them the Solemn Sun. They signed to Xtra Mile and released their second album, Death to critical acclaim during what was a golden period for Xtra Mile. 

For reasons best known to Jim, he decided he couldn’t front the band any more, and retired the songs and the name at 2000 Trees in 2014 (iirc). They had performed Swindon and Devizes for Alex Archer & I countless times. Working their way up bills, developing a dedicated fan base, touring with the likes of Frank Turner, recording radio sessions with us and having Single Of The Week on Radio 1, among much much more.

Jim Lockey even had the accolade of performing at every 2000 Trees festival in some guise or another, until 2015, when there was nothing. 

Then, bang, they returned. A streamlined version of the band came back with a 3 track EP released on beautiful heavy weight vinyl. A stunning come back, under the new name SOLEMN SUN

Gone were the acoustic guitars and folk-punk, and in came a shoegaze epic-indie rock. More akin to My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, Swerverdriver or Jesus & Mary Chain. This was followed up with European tours and digital single, Bloom. (video below)

Having followed the band over land and sea (We went to Cut The Transmission festival in Derry, Ireland) we are absolutely delighted to be bringing this new incarnation of the band back to Swindon, and joining the exciting things happening back at Level III. 

Even better is that this show came to pass by one of our favourite Wiltshire bands, All Ears Avow. It seems wrong to consider them “local” any more given they spread their wings long ago, and regularly tour the roots of the countries circuit. They’ve done supports for us with people like Dave McPherson, The Computers, Verses, Jonah Matranga, Decade and played our first all-dayer back in August at the Cheese & Grain in Frome. 

They are absolutely the right band to headline the show, and in my opinion, were the only Swindon based band we could have considered on the bill. It’s a perfect line up. Swindons most sonically powerful band, up against another sonically powerful band, who happen to be neighbours. 

Friday 25th November 2016
@ Level III, Swindon.
Doors 8pm.
8.30 – 9pm – Polar Front
9.15 – 10 – Solemn Sun
10.15 – 11pm – ALL EARS AVOW
£5 adv. £6 otd.
Tickets: WeGoTickets


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