BSM annual 5-a-side piss up.




After a little searching online, we’ve finalised our team for 2016’s annual, BSM 5-A-Side industry piss up this Sunday. 

It’s been a busy close season, where Team Sheer lost our ring man, Si Partington, who frankly kept us in it last year. We’ve lost our goalie, Crammerman / Chris Palmer, our teenage engine Luke Escott and his egg-chasing brother (and our poster designer) Rob Escott

Transfers in though, came from coach Alex ArcherRichard Osman from BBC 1’s Pointless in goal, in-the-twilight-of-his-footballing-career-journeyman Nick P Parker and finally Jack Moore

Bathed in the shadow of Wembley itself, we’ve been pooled in group C, where once again we’re up against our favourite record shop, Banquet.  But we’ll also be facing our favourite online musical community, Drowned in Sound, our favourite Fuckin’ Indie & award winning label Alcopop!, Xtra Mile’s Rob Lynch & Brace yourself PR

We’re going to get tanked. Even more so than Rolo Tomassi last year. Already the wise assertion that our initial storming form dipped, was because we stopped drinking will be addressed, and I’m absolutely confident I shall be in work 9am Monday morning. 

Follow the action on Twitter at @sheer_music, where Dan Buckingham will try his best not to wind anyone else up this year, and ensure us a right thrashing. Or Instagram @sheer_music to check out our awesome dip-dyed colours.

OR if you’re local, pop in. Kick off is 2pm. 



Kieran Moore 
Dan Buckingham
Matt Adams
Ben Sydes
Alex Archer
Mike Barham
Jack Moore
Nick P Parker

It’ll go a little something like this…

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