Our Triumphant return to Chippenham.


Honestly there’s something in the water round Wiltshire. After 12 years of largely being on top, Devizes looks set to be left behind as Trowbridge open a new arts centre, and Chippenham has just reopened a refurbished Neeld Hall. 

Couple that with Lindsay showing faith in us, and letting us take over The Old Road Tavern in Chippenham on Thursday, and it’s certainly looking like it’s on the cusp of interesting things. 

For me, it doesn’t get much more interesting than being able to offer an old friend a gig in the much less formal surroundings of a pub, than the stadiums and arena’s he’s used to. 

The act in question is SAD SONG CO. aka the globe trotting, drummer supreme, Nigel Powell, sticksman in The Unbelievable Truth (I have a 90’s thing going on this Autumn…) Dive Dive (who I gave their début album launch show to at Bath Moles)  and finally Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. 

One of the most endearing memories I will ever have of Nigel is in 2005 at The Bell By The Green, during Dive Dive’s set, Nigel drags his drum kit off the stage and into the audience to perform amongst the crowd, who were going nuts. I very much doubt we’ll recreate that in Chippenham, but over 10 years later to still be working with Nigel, despite his achievements, is humbling.

Anyway, here’s the lead track off his new side-project album, “In Amber”

SUPPORT comes from label mate & again, another long standing friend, Barry Dolan aka in this instance as NON-CANON. Also known as Oxygen Thief, this new show, that I thought was going to be a duo with his wife, Kat, shows a gentler side to Barry. This is the first time I will have seen it, I’m like the last one in the scene to see it, but that is sometimes how it goes.

Just before this show, Barry will be talking to Riverbank Studio music students, under the watchful eye of Mike Barham & *I think* Tom Mallard of Riverbank Studios.

Here’s Barry at 2000 Trees this year, on the Xtra Mile bus. Fucking Cool. 

Finally the line up is completed by MIKE BARHAM. Mike was an original scenester in 2004/5/6, before upping sticks and going to uni, & returning a bonafide musician. Mike has developed in front of our eyes over the past 18 months, playing almost every show & opportunity going, into a west-country, cider-fuelled singer song writer, of a Gaz Brookfield style mould. By the time he’s hit the stage in Chippenham, Mike will already have supported the same line up the night before in London at The Monarch in Camden. Well done Mike, stick with us kid, you’ll do all right

Thursday 20th October 2016
The Old Road Tavern, Chippenham
8.30 – 9 – Mike Barham – Music
9.15 – 9.45 – Non Canon
10 – finish – The Sad Song Co.

Join us on Facebook and generally help spread the word about being back in Chippenham! 


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