Xmas Show @ The Lamb Friday 9th December 2016



WHAT A YEAR. What an absolute banger. Right from the start, with Gary Stringer and Jon Otway. Jasper In The Company Of Others taking the roof off (and inciting table top dancing!), Gnarwolves reminding Level III / Swindon what it once was, All Roads To Frome, our first Chippenham show in years with Nigel Powell, another delightful (and record breaking!) Devizes Festival (including the beatboxer, Shlomo & Twins Macabre). Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer in the Lamb, the indie frontman month, with Mark Morriss, Ben Ottewell & Jimbob all swinging by. Getting destroyed at BSM 5-A-Side. Even a member of Faith No More. This year had it all, and much more besides. 

So how do we top that? How do we finish the way we started? By inviting friends we met on the road (or their road.) and having a free-entry knees up! 

We moved from largely free shows to more elaborate, charged ones. If anything the attendances went up, and I managed to secure enough funds to do some neat promo things next year for a few Swindon shows. But it seems right to have a free one, to say thanks to our regulars and new friends from further afield, and to prepare you for next years gigs…

8pm sharp. 
8.15 – 8.45 – Lewis Bootle
9 – 9.30 – Chuck SJ Hay
9.45 – 10.15 – Jake Martin
10.30 – 11.15 – Seán McGowan

You can read a proper write up / preview on the acts, HERE

Otherwise, the heads up for 2017 is… Gaz Brookfield, Emily Barker, Freeze The Atlantic, All Roads Lead To Leeds, sorry, Frome part 2. Frank Turner, Thought-Forms, Professor Elemental in the Holy Trinity…. and loads more. Watch this space.

Due imminently is my favourite albums of 2016, which will go live via The Colour Of Vinyl, with a proper explanation on here, and my final thanks to everyone / gush about a wonderful year & formal announcements after the Xmas gig.

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