Thought-Forms reach Swindon


Where to start? This is a biggie. A special one, one that sums up what is so great about our scene and why I cherish what we do and why we do it. So let me take you back to circa 2005.

(I’m not 100% sure I’m accurate with the dates, but it’s close enough) Melksham based avant garde post-rock band, Thought-Forms had recently won the Battle Of The Bands at Moles in Bath, being rewarded with recording their first proper demo, “For The Moving Stars”. 

Around this time, I put on the-best-band-to-come-out-of-Bognor-Regis aka KILL KENADA, (they were awesome) where I met Charlie and Deej from the band for the first time. We instantly bonded over a shared love of Sonic Youth. They too had a keen eye for a hot underground act, and I happened to be in the next town over. It was fate. 

I was passed the demo, and the team at the time (Matt Corbett, Thom Pears, Zoe and I) all loved it. It was possibly my first taste, real live taste of Post-Rock. Sure I had read the NME where they stuck Godspeed! on the front cover, or had seen Mogwai a few times, but this was a real exciting band on my doorstep! It took all of a month for them to come play their first gig for me at The Bell By The Green, supporting (sadly) now defunct DISTOPHIA (also another crazy good show) (check out pictures Here.) 

At that show that night was support band Caldera, featuring my-almost-next-door-neighbours the Metcalfe brothers. Adam the elder brother had effectively made his younger sibling, Guy, learn the drums so he could form a band.  Adam I think largely dominated the sound he wanted Guy to play, by getting into music like Pelican, 65 Days Of Static, Isis and pretty much anything coming out on the Hydra Head label or got 10/10 in Rock Sound. 

Over the next few months, after supporting bands like Youthmovies and hitting Swindon for the first time, Guy got gradually closer to Thought-Forms, until finally joining them full time. This was perhaps 2007 and despite being the tender age of 15 he then set off for a jaunt around Europe. That blows my mind. Not only how quickly Thought-Forms progressed, but how quickly Guy settled and the band became more than the sum of their parts. I joked Guy went away a boy, and came back a man. I don’t know what happened on those weeks away, but almost overnight he outgrew his peers. 

I remember one night taking them both to Bristol to watch Pelican at the Thekla, I remember it fondly because we spend the journey listening to 65daysofstatic’s The Fall Of Math, and saying how cool it would be for either of their bands to support them. 

The rest is history. Thought-Forms signed for Geoff Barrow (Portishead DJ, Keys, Samplers) Invada Records for their début album, toured the States and Europe multiple times supporting  the likes of Portishead, Thurston Moore and Ebsen & The Witch, as well as head liners, hit the coolest festivals (Custard Factory, Birmingham, Arc Tan Gen) and released their 3rd album, Songs About Drowning last year.

For the want of a better example (perhaps Bite The Buffalo / Decade / Jed Elliott) they are the most significant success story to come out of Wiltshire in the past decade. They forged a genuinely unique sound, inspired some of the coolest names in music to work with, and have achieved everything on their own terms. I’m biased as hell, obviously, but I genuinely love and am so proud of those guys and what they’ve achieved. The best part is, there’s clearly more in the tank, like things have only just got going. 

If you haven’t seen them before, their live show is often a wall of sound, a cacophony of noise, drone and melody, squeal and squall. It’s head music, just zone out into a different world, and be swept away. For fans of Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Melvins, boundary pushing, head expanding music. 

Thursday 16th February 2017 
@ Level III, Swindon.
Doors 8pm. 
8.30 – 9 – Hound On The Mountain
9.15 – 10.30 – Thought-Forms 
Tickets £8 adv. from WeGotTickets 

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