All Roads Return To Frome


ALL ROADS LEADS TO FROME returns in 2017, albeit in the slightly earlier month of May, meaning we’re more than likely you’re first one-day-festival of the year. 

We’ve finally managed to snare, after many offers of trying over the years, to grab the Gaz Brookfield FULL BAND show. Gaz has only previously once played this line up together, at his annual Bristol Fleece gig. That again sold out in advance, so we are delighted to see Gaz come to the 800-capacity Cheese & Grain and effectively headline our wonderful venue. 

Last years festival was the first, and taught us a lot, not least how many Bratwurst I can eat in a single day (3 portions) but also what it takes to efficiently run such a event. (Having good acts, great staff and an ace co-promoter is the first place to start) For those who missed it, there was an incredible set from CHRIS T-T, some rigging climbing antics from SICKONES and Beans On Toast was, well, Beans On Toast.

This year, in addition to Gaz, we have booked Bath based “Noise-Punk” duo GHOST OF THE AVALANCHE who are ace and fit nicely in with our style. FREEZE THE ATLANTIC, the Hampshire based post-hardcore super-group featuring ex-members of 100 Reasons and Reuben. Singer songwriter B-SYDES who you will have seen knocking about Wiltshire a few times for us and SoP up in Swindon and local the alt/rolk/rock of PORT ERIN who believe-it-or-not have never played for us before. I’ve been friends with singer and front-man, Reuben for nearly 10 years. They’ve been based in and around our scene since we began, and I’ve never given them a gig. I feel kinda guilty about that, but we’re making up for it now. Finally Invermere completes the line up, but has no link, so that’ll be a surprise for you. 

Cheap Early Bird tickets are on sale NOW at the price of £10. That’s less than the cost of a couple of pints in a trendy west-end pub, for a day of awesome music, and, I may be sticking my neck on the line here but, when have we ever let you down?! 

To say I’m delighted to do this all over again this year is an understatement. Friends, good music and an all dayer worthy of the name. Let’s all hang out and have fun. I can’t wait!

See you down the front   and  >>Join Us On Facebook<< 

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