Boston Manor make their Swindon debut

From the same agent who brought us Gnarwolves, Decade, Verses, Moose Blood and Creeper, we also have BOSTON MANOR on their brief Slam Dunk! warm up tour hitting up town. 

The Blackpool quintet make their Swindon début at Level III, once again putting our venue back on the tour stop map! 

With videos that average over 100k views, it’s safe to say your reaction to the show was amazing, with over 1/4 of tickets selling on the first day of sales. I cannot thank you enough for your support and I hope to bring more like this over the year. We’re well on the way to half the tickets being sold in just over a week & the gig isn’t until May! I reckon we can get this sold out! 

Major shout outs to The Ocelot, Everything Alyce aka Alyce Hunt and Mixtape Press for their features on the show, especially Alyce who taught me a thing or two about the bands I actually didn’t know. Her words, research and work is second to none in Swindon!

To grab tickets you can buy online at WeGotTickets or SeeTickets alternatively pick up direct from the venue (once we’ve delivered them!) 

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