Trowbridge Arts Centre residency announced


I promised it, so here it is, details of shows in our new adopted hometown.

OK, so I haven’t actually left Devizes yet, and there are some exciting things happening there too, but right now Trowbridge is where we’re at.

Kicking off the residency in the arts centre, we have a series of shows from firm favourites and friends. Mainly because I want to work on some easy gigs to break myself in, but also because they’re tried and tested and not over done acts.

So we’re delighted to present to Trowbridge for the very first time, Professor Elemental on Friday 1st September & Mark Morriss (of The Bluetones) on Friday 27th October & Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman on Thursday 16th November.

Preceding these shows will be Alpha Male Tea Party on Wednesday 16th August at Trowbridge’s Village Pump, aka The Lamb. That could get confusing.

Later this year we have shows lined up for Sean McGowanBen Sydes / Neil Morris, Kamikaze Girls, Jay Martin and an indie front person (or two) too.

We’ve already announced that ASH will be performing Frome for us, and that we’re the DJ support (with our bro at Hit Or Miss, Rob Dahl) to our biggest musical pal, Frank Turner, so frankly if none of the above excites you, you’re clearly not into music, or have no pulse, as I’ve done my dandiest to cater something for everyone!

AND THAT’S BEFORE I ANNOUNCE “UNLUCKY FOR SOME FEST” AKA 13 YEARS OF SHEER MUSIC ON SEPTEMBER 16TH (we’re just still massively undecided about the venue…..and date, and line up.)

Keep checking for updates a stuffz! #MonTheTrowbridge

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