More Acts Added to ALL ROADS LEAD TO fROME

I can honestly tell you I haven’t been as excited about a gig line up or announcement in some time (well, probably since the last one tbh) but this has BELTER written all over it. 

We, along with our bros in @HitOrMissShows are so freakin’ excited to pull off what we think is the best instalment yet of All Roads Lead To Frome. At the 3rd attempt I think we have our most consistent line-up across both stages of some really bloody exciting UK underground talent. Oh and this year we’ve gone international with American cult hero, writer, public speaker and singer-songwriter…. 

Headlining 2018’s event will be recently streamlined UK pop-punk heroes MALLORY KNOX. We’re delighted to coup such a massive act to headline this years event. Our recent success with the genre with bands like Muskets, Creeper, Boston Manor and the rest, gives us much to be confident about having MK headline. The band decided not to replace original singer Mikey Chapman recently and have instead kept their original identity. This will surely be as  small a show you’re likely to see them at, so, well, don’t miss out OBVS. 

Also joining the bill are Bristol’s original ferocious snarl-punk band, The St Pierre Snake Invasion. I’ve been desperate to book this band for ages. Never having quite found the right time or night to put them on. Then this lightbulb moment happened and I couldn’t resist adding their ying the yang. They pulled my face off at Trees last year. Please help me get drunk so we can go a bit crazy together, yeah? 

It’s also a pleasure to finally get Mishka Shubaly on one of our bills. This American cult hero has been on my radar for some time, and having missed out on his last UK tour, this became a perfect opportunity to slip into his 2018 UK tour. Mishka is a storyteller, public speaker, bell selling author (of tour life) and wise cracking smart ass. If you’re not familiar, do so now, as this will be a really special moment for us all. 

EARLY BIRD TICKETS have finished – Thanks everyone who put their faith in us prior to today! Tickets are now available through the Cheese & Grain website HERE.




Emperor Yes! come to Swindon.

The London based, almost twee indie-electro-poppers EMPEROR YES! hit up Swindon for the first time, as part of their tour to support début album, “An Island Called Earth” this Friday the 24th October.

Performing at The Victoria, they bringing to mind bands such as Super Furry Animals, MGMT and Passion Pit. The trio of drums, keys and guitar make a glorious mix of harmonious and saccharine  pop, enough to ruin your fillings.

Their first three singles, released on Tape Club, include The End Of The World, dubbed “A happy marching song about the apocalypse” which pretty much sums up what they’re about. I described it as, what a British band would do with Flaming Lips’s sound.

For those of you who, like me, love a bit of pretentious arty wank to go with it, you’ll be ticked pink to know the band held art exhibitions based on imagery from the videos to Cosmos and Wasps – you can see the video to latter below.

Having already notched up some coveted tour supports to Tim Wheeler (Ash), Emmy The Great and Tall Ships, the band have also been seen supporting bands like Brawlers and Whoanows before. If that doesn’t confirm you suspicions of their quality, nothing will.

The album was released through AIM Best Record Label winner, Alcopop! Records, on 2nd October, you can grab a copy from Awesome Distro. The band support Sam Green & The Midnight Heist this Friday at Swindon’s Victoria. Entry is £4 otd.

The sort of useless piece of info, that I get off on… Their member, Ash, does live sound for Three Trapped Tigers, and has produced ASH, Emmy The Great and Sparkadia – You can find more about him OVER HERE.


Those 10 years in Numbers…

I had a free 5 minutes so quickly glanced over our past 10 years, and made up a load of guestimates that sound real impressive. Whilst these may not be 100% accurate they do give a good indication of what we have done for Devizes. 

We have promoted over 300 gigs in Wiltshire, dealing with approximately 552 different bands in the process. These have been in 15 different venues, in 6 different towns. 

1/6th of the shows have been in Swindon (51), with the lion share obviously being in Devizes (241) or Bath (10) and the rest are odds and sods scattered across the county. 

If we average each band into 4 members, that’s a staggering 2,208 musicians!! That does no include hangers on, engineers, tour managers, roadies, agents and photographers etc. 

We’ve had performers from all corners of Great Britain, including one dedicated lot who drove from Elgin, in northern Scotland. That’s further away than Paris. As well as acts from all across Europe, even an Australian. And rather belatedly later this year, we’ll also have our first American friend. 

We’ve even been able to get Devizes name into national papers and magazines, by booking proper tour dates, of which I have a stack of posters, which really should be seen to be believed. I think one day we’ll get them out to display.


One of our key principles was to work with, encourage and support or inspire the youth. It’s with great pleasure that fanzine creator, Ben Hooper and graphic designer, Ben Gage both cite us as key influences to getting their jobs at Film Council Wales and as an independent graphic designer, respectively. 


Vicky Scipio made it to the Gazette & Herald as a staff photographer, after being our dedicated gig photographer for the best part of two or three years, and regularly having her pictures in the paper.

That’s not to mention musicians who we gave opportunities and experience to. Including Jed Elliot (now of The Struts), Dan Clarke who drums in Decade – still got your first demo kid, and those two handsome bothers in Bite The Buffalo (who are also music teachers at Bath Uni), and a hundred more who are now professional musicians, like Mike East who performs in a function band and works on cruises. Tough work that!

A mention for Pardon My French & KISS FM DJ’s Tim Smith and Luke Sutton, who came from our scene, DJ’d our nights and have become the most significant DJ’s in Bristol right now. Also to Charlie Romaijn and Deej from Thought Forms, who were one of the first local bands to escape our clutches, and have been able to tour America and Europe, doing something they believed in! Something, we always knew they would. 

(actually trying to find more of this sort of information out is hard, as I don’t have many peoples names, I should probably give Toby Tripp a mention too! The ones given as examples above are because I’m still in contact with them.)


So thanks too all the friends I’ve made since doing this. Cheers to everyone who I share a good memory with. The people I’ve met, the wicked music I’ve seen and the artistic creativity we’ve all given birth to. I feel safe to say, I think I changed Devizes for the better, but I guess you’ll have to wait to see what happens next.

IMG_2138 - Copy


Our Ten Year Tee, was designed by young, fledging graphic designer and Devizes resident, Sharna Mollett. It is available from our Bandcamp for £8 inc free P+P (which has absolutely nothing to do with the stack of Christmas bonus, Royal Mail stamps I get every year.)

Note* I do realise these numbers are relatively small for both full time venues, and bigger towns – So try to remember that we are both a small town, and doing this in our spare time. 

The Lamb is getting a facelift

Eek! The once humble, Parisian style mood of the venue is being given a facelift this week by Jonn King – He has already completed the stairwell, hall and downstairs toilets, while the main work in the function room comes next week – sneak pics below!

BUT DON’T PANIC the front bar, main toilets and smoking area / garden remain unchanged.

The function room looks set to lose it’s oddly shaped tables and random assortment of chairs, for a more uniform layout. The new lick of paint was certainly needed and I hope give a cleaner impression!

I’ll also have this ace little booth to store my kit in, and look dead professional and what not to stand behind. The first show AFTER the work looks set to be Friday 9th May, the Devizes Festival acoustic showcase, which features Barney Goodall among others! >check that out here<

You’ll all get the chance to see what work has been done TOMORROW evening, when Gaz Brookfield comes to town. Free entry from 8pm.

In other news, we have a massive show to announce Friday, so please keep your eyes peeled in the usual spaces. And a big shout out to Gnarwolves who have been upgraded to the main stage at this years Reading Festival, well done lads.

The Lamb Stairwell


Stairwell (leading into function room)


The Lamb downstairs toilet


The downstairs / wheelchair toilet

Chap Hop comes to Devizes!

BOOM! Not one but TWO Chap Hop superstar shows are coming to Devizes over the summer. 

For those uninitiated of you, Chap Hop is the bizarre, unexpectedly excellent marring of the Queens English and Hip Hop. Imagine George Formby meets The Sugarhill Gang. 

One of the creators of the scene, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, will be performing at Devizes Town Hall, on Saturday 21st June as part of Devizes Fringe Festival, a free entry event that will require a ticket. Those tickets will be available from WeGotTickets in May. 

To follow up this foray into uncharted Hip Hop musical landscapes (in Devizes at any rate) will be the equally excellent, Professor Elemental, who will be performing at St Mary’s Arts Centre on Saturday 19th July. Tickets available from WeGotTickets, priced £9 now.

350 width


Underground Orchestra SELLS OUT and St Mary’s is off to a flying start!

I am delighted to say that advance tickets for out first St Mary’s Arts Centre event this Saturday, have sold out. The only place you can get tickets is a few limited numbers at WeGotTickets. 

We are advising  to arrive promptly to grab one of the unobstructed views down the middle of the Arts Centre (Church), otherwise the wings may have a restricted view. There will be a licensed bar to the rear of the building. 

Many thanks for the overwhelming support you have shown this project, an announcement will be made at the event detailing the full programme for the venue for the rest of the year, including my two further live music events. (you could just head to the gigs tab on your right to find that out my events quicker…) 

Doors 7.3pm.
8pm video show-reel of the 121212 Challenge and introduction of musicians. 
9pm 30 piece orchestra performance. 

(these times are strictly approximate)


First great album of 2014 released

Whilst all the buzz around here is deservedly directed towards our friends in DECADE, I’d like to point you in the direction of Scottish singer songwriter, MARK McCABE, who released his album “A Good Way To Busy Bad News” this week on Cats? Aye! Records

We have had the pleasure of Mark’s performances twice in Devizes, once with the equally talented Oxygen Thief back in 2012 (and their ridiculously good tour poster!) and then again last year when he tumbled into town with the lovely Ellen Cox. Both times he was magnificent, his soft, unmistakably Scottish accent delivering songs that really feel like you’re listening to something more significant than simply a guy in a room. 

Songs such as Crutches and Join The Crowd, deliver with such thought provoking honesty that it’s easy to see why Mark has gained a decent buzz and reputation, not to mention the constant touring. (He’s currently off in Europe with the previously mentioned Ellen Cox) 

The album was recorded on days off, over a 6 month period, with Mark recording most of the parts himself. This is not so much a remarkable feat, but it impresses me all the same that an independent act can part time record an album and deliver something as professional and great sounding as this. 

I have a firm belief that this record will sit in the end of year lists, probably along with Decade and if you got 5 minutes I suggest you go and have a listen via his Bandcamp. (and download the name-your-price previous efforts too!) 

Check out this live recording from when he played Devizes last,  which I’m very proud of because it came out so well for a simple line out desk recording. I hope to bring him back to The Lamb / Devizes / Wiltshire at some point this year too.

Sorry for slow and lack of updates, I have a week off, sorting myself out and hope to get a good few things organised and advertised! Remember to follow us on Twitter @Sheer_Music and Instagram /Sheer_Music. I am also in the laborious process of writing, in as much detail as possible, our history since we started in 2004. I hope it will be a fun read! 

Ian James announces 2 tribute shows!

Ian James, promoter of the Corn Exchange, has announced two tribute shows for spring 2014.

The first of the two shows, on Friday 7th February will be a Madness tribute band, called BADNESS. Tickets priced £8 will be available direct from Ian at Light & Sound in Albion Place, Devizes, on line at WeGotTickets or £10 on the door.

With the second show following on Friday 11th April being a tribute to AC/DC, with a band called HELLS BELLS. Tickets also priced at £8 available from Ian, WeGotTickets or £10 on the door. 

Shows are 18+, doors of 9pm, with each band playing 1 set, containing all the kits – It’ll be like watching the real thing!

Check in on Ian via his Facebook page, and see what he’s up to…

The GAZ BROOKFIELD + Joe McCorriston UK tour swings into town this Friday, the line up how ever doesn’t stop there however, with “Hippo Song” and the best thing to come out of Westbury, Rhys Coleman in tow and the previously well received Welsh wonder, Ellen Cox too. 

So we thought, why stop there? A west country lad, turned underground hero, a Welsh woman, a northerner, the only thing missing? A Scotsman – So I’ve been *easily* coaxed into welcoming Mark McCabe onto the bill.

Those with a keen memory will remember Mark once performed on the Oxygen Thief tour, which came through town last year, welcome back Mark!

Entry is free, as usual, at The Lamb in Devizes from 8pm. Check out Thursdays Gazette for the obligatory preview, and possibly a better written attempt at the hard sell 😉  


Yes, the wonderful Rob Escott has knocked us up a Mail Chimp account, and now we’re on the gleam for your email address. Please join it, we promise not to spam. Sheer Music’s Mail Chip List. 

Coming up in the first email we have voice overs by some cool musicians, you’ll need to sign up to find out about that craic! 

gaz tour poster


2 gigs in Devizes on Friday…

Who says there’s nothing to do in Devizes? Well perhaps there is nothing to do if you don’t like live music, but we really have it all in Devizes. 

Last week’s Pat Travers blues show at Long Street Blues club went down a storm, but if blues isn’t your thing, then perhaps you should consider The Lamb this Friday night? Portsmouth based indie boys The Retrospective Soundtrack Players come to town, bringing their concept records based on classic films and books with them.

Their second album, Catcher In The Rye, based on JD Salinger’s book will be performed. Their previous record, based on the film Cool Hand Luke (with THAT scene, which spawned a million hip hop videos) may also get featured, and the rumours that their 3rd record based on Jurassic Park will either be confirmed or denied on the night. 

If you want the official press release email, give me a shout, and I’ll happily forward it. Entry is free, at The Lamb in St Johns Street from 8.30pm. Check out the Facepage for more info.

How ever, if that’s all a little high brow or cultural for you, then you could do a lot worse than checking out Abe Juggins show at the Bell By The Green. He has Ivor Novello winning guitarist Marco Pirroni and his band, Headcount performing. Marco also happens to perform with Adam Ant, Sinead O’Connor and Wolfman. Headcount’s previous records include 2002’s KKKK rated “It’s a Buiness doing Pleasure with you” Future Of The Left would be proud of a title like that, I’m sure. 

Check out the Facepage for more info.

Magazines and tours

Many things can make you feel 16 again. Kissing girls, chatting to girls on the phone, and for me recently, looking at girls in magazines… I of course refer to Decade’s feature in, FRONT

It has literally been soo long since I bought a lads mag in Ducks, that I actually had to ask the Saturday girls where they were kept. Funny thing being under previous owner, Mr Duck. I distinctly remember him refusing to sell me the FHM with Louise Rednapp (then Nurding) on the front cover, as it’s content was deemed “unsuitable for a chap your age.” I strangely had more respect for him for that, and promptly nipped off to WH Smiths to get my fix.

So why did I break my decade long break between lad mag purchases? Simply because non-other than our home grown heroes DECADE gracing it’s inner pages.  The brief interview with front man Alex Sears gave me a chuckle and showed us a nice preview of their next video. Well worth £3.99 or what ever I paid, especially since there was an 8-page feature on the coolest UK underground punk band, GNARWOLVES.

We’ll call that a double win for Devizes. 

From our touring acts, to touring acts coming through town, we have Xtra Mile’s CRAZY ARM in Devizes TONIGHT. The band are on their 5th date of this “Southern Wild” tour (poster should be to your right, if you’re reading the website, and your screen resolution is the same as mine…)  and they should have the physical pre-release copies of the album if you fancy it. They’re playing the record through, having been promised some a cappella, Banjo’s and 4 part harmonies?!

If you got the press release mail out, you may already be familiar with the song, Remembrance. Which is probably one of the best arranged folk songs I’ve heard. Lush vocals, effective simple musicianship and a whole lot of feel.  

So hopefully I’ll see you all tonight – doors at 7, show starts at 8 (like every good punk show). Support from Calne’s Mick O’Toole and Wroughton’s Jimmy Moore. 

Entry is free, so won’t cost you a dime, and you know what? You’ll leave richer for the experience. Promise. 

Decade announce Warped Tour with Jim Lockey!

There’s a big battle going on right now in my heart at least, over who is doing Devizes most proud right now.

We have the legendary, and original home town band THE HOAX, hitting up The Corn Exchange tomorrow night (Thursday 29th August) as part of their UK tour supporting the fan pledged release of their new album. Dig a little under the surface of this band, and there’s a lot to be inspired and impressed by – They have done some truly amazing stuff, worthy of that legendary status.

If The Hoax are the original, then you have to look at DECADE being the fresh face of the new. The band who only just got back from smashing Reading & Leeds festivals, have today announced they are playing Warped Tour UK on November 17th.  Surely a feet we once only dreamed of, for a band from Devizes?

They inked their first contract with Universal Records imprint, Spinefarm only a few weeks ago and have since built up momentum and reputation as one of the finest new bands on the scene. Their début album drops in spring 2014. 

Also on the Warped Tour bill on Nov 17th and completing this circle of pride, we have dedicated Sheer favourites, Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, who have played Devizes a whole bunch of times in the past few years – including a great live session for Fantasy Radio – Which you can check out here >

Massive congratulations to Hoax, Jim and the boys in Decade.

Continuing our impressive run of producing acts over the past 9 years of my involvement with local live music, we have parody rapper and Youtube sensation CHIP DADDY having just signed a management deal with Channel Flip Media and will be announcing his own UK tour dates around 7pm today, in all the usual places 

Blog post covering Devizes lads, Bite The Buffalo and their show in Swindon this weekend, coming tomorrow!

To lead you out, here’s a terrible audio, but great visual fan video of Decade, showing Reading who’s boss.