The Lamb is getting a facelift

Eek! The once humble, Parisian style mood of the venue is being given a facelift this week by Jonn King – He has already completed the stairwell, hall and downstairs toilets, while the main work in the function room comes next week – sneak pics below!

BUT DON’T PANIC the front bar, main toilets and smoking area / garden remain unchanged.

The function room looks set to lose it’s oddly shaped tables and random assortment of chairs, for a more uniform layout. The new lick of paint was certainly needed and I hope give a cleaner impression!

I’ll also have this ace little booth to store my kit in, and look dead professional and what not to stand behind. The first show AFTER the work looks set to be Friday 9th May, the Devizes Festival acoustic showcase, which features Barney Goodall among others! >check that out here<

You’ll all get the chance to see what work has been done TOMORROW evening, when Gaz Brookfield comes to town. Free entry from 8pm.

In other news, we have a massive show to announce Friday, so please keep your eyes peeled in the usual spaces. And a big shout out to Gnarwolves who have been upgraded to the main stage at this years Reading Festival, well done lads.

The Lamb Stairwell


Stairwell (leading into function room)


The Lamb downstairs toilet


The downstairs / wheelchair toilet

Devizes does it 3 times!

Last night was quite a special night in Devizes, little did we all know but we were in the middle of a 3 way tug-of-war for audience from 3 quality gigs, something I would usually want to avoid like the plague!

Ian Hopkins, our blues stalwart had The Strawbs at the Long Street Blues Club, Ian James has Badness and an 80’s night at the Corn Exchange, where as Sheer Music had Jon Amor and Rhiannon Mair in at The Lamb

All three gigs were effectively sold out, as Devizes proved that regular or indeed overlapping live music need not be a bad thing, or an hindrance, provided the entertainment on offer is good quality! (I say effectively, since my show was free entry, and so can’t really sell out)

All the big guns were out, we had “Big Nose Ken” Ansted, photographer extraordinaire managed to make two of the shows, Crammer Magazine scribe Chris Palmer made all 3(!) and that dude we keep seeing dancing strangely at any event that’ll allow, made the spot in front of the log fire, his own. 

Sorry for the bi-polar effect of James Brown’s Get On Up, getting played immediately as Barney Goodall finished. Barney showed poise and technical ability in his first outing for me on Piano. I love the guy, he just needs to play some happier / story songs that I know and love him for! 

Chris Worthy admits he essentially plays the same set each time, just in a different order. It’s always a pleasure to see him and Lucie out, and as Drinking Tiles proves, Chris’s old Soulswitch songs are as good as any songs Devizes musicians have produced, they’re also standing the test of time!

Rhiannon Mair absolutely stormed her 3rd Devizes performance. True to form, we have managed to build up her fan base locally and the applause she got at the end of her set was the loudest I’ve seen in The Lamb. Sorry she didn’t get chance for an encore after you begged so much – but never fear, she will be returning to Devizes in August for Party In The Park. You heard it here first!

This night had it all, eclectic music, great banter (Hey Jon, sniff your mic!) a rendition of the Top Gear Theme, a bit of Jon’s multi layering up of sound to create his backing band, before whipping out the old electric to shred the best blues you’ll hear a white man play, and this ladies and gents is why Jon is so highly regarded, because he is an absolute talent! 

On another positive note, last night was the first we had the function room bar open at a gig, and it was a welcome addition to the atmosphere, as it feels we have an entire separate, self contained venue now. The Lamb surely has to be the best venue around for this sort of thing? Be sure to come to the next show to indulge in the atmosphere!


Local Xmas song round up!

Jake Assirati, tackling Chris Rea’s classic! Electric guitar in one take, fun!

Adam Crosland with his own, unique, original composition, the delightful tale of Santos, the Mexican Santa. 

Alex Sears AKA “Sophomore” – and his version of the Paul McCartney classic… Pop Punk Sing-a-long massive chorus!

Barney Goodall, of On Deaf Ears, with his pop / electronic project – another original.

And finally, Smile Look Alive’s pop punk, gang chant, break down version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. 

Goodbye Wiltshire Introducing!

STILL NOT ANNOUNCED by the BBC, but tonight will be the FINAL Marie and William introduced “Wiltshire Introducing”

I’m guessing, as it’s a 3 hour special, it will be a romp through the bast part of the last years – SO TUNE IN 7-10pm. Due tune in for an unplanned special guest appearance.

On the radio front, the Matthew Corbett Session will be also be seeing its last before it get’s a radical new name – But you’ll have to wait until TOMORROW for more info on that front… Be warned, the two are obviously linked! 

Matthew tonight will be playing a brand new and exclusive track from a band called LOVE YOU DEAD – I wouldn’t google them, there isn’t a website, twitter or facepage (just yet) though local’s will recognise the programmed drums and synths, I should imagine.

I’ve literally just received a text too, to confirm that Barney Goodall (On Deaf Ears) will be in session, talking to Matthew AND bring with him, his own Xmas song… This is excited as his last song was an epic indie-pop tune, so I’m expecting more of the same. 

IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, Chip bloody Daddy has his own Xmas show at The Vic in Swindon. Jamie has invited Doncaster “Soldier” MC and rapper DEVVO down to hang out. I’m expecting to see Ocelot favourite Bane “Drive By” Bullet in attendance, and if he isn’t…